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Review Services

Our Review Services Save Project Costs

Roof Products, Inc. offers a Review Service (at no charge) on all new projects prior to bid time. This is done at the design stage to assure the proper review before Roof Curbs are needed. This review will allow us to determine the minimum amount of reinforcing angles required when utilizing our structural curbs.

When your mechanical and structural engineers have 90% or more drawings available, submit the architectural, structural and mechanical roof plans below. We will then review the needs of the mechanical equipment on the structural drawings and assist in coordinating roof curb type, installation and locations prior to bid time for actual savings.

When plans are out to bid, our Roof Products, Inc. roof plan and roof curb schedules are included. This saves many reinforcing angles that are currently shown on all projects.

All roof curbs must be specified only in "Section 07720--Roof Accessories" specifications for one source responsibility.


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Our Passion

Our passion is our product and our goal is your satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most effective roof curbs in the industry.

Our Solution

Work with Architects and Engineers to design and deliver watertight curbs.

The Original Prefabricated Roof Curb

We were instrumental in creating the original prefabricated roof curb specifications under division 07720 Roof Accessories.
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Roof Products, Inc.

RPI has over 45 years experience in the Roofing Curb industry. Prefabricated Roof Curbs and custom engineered systems specifically for your architectural designs. We helped create the very specifications the industry is built on.


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